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       Until fairly recently, I was living in a rented bungalow, and in retrospect I could have done a much better job on planning my move! By the time I was starting to pack everything up and sort out a moving company, the end of my tenancy was just a few weeks away. I called CamberwellCleaners for their excellent reputation, and they didn't let me down! You can tell that these guys are very experienced with end of tenancy cleaning, as it was all wrapped up way ahead of time. Thanks everyone! Would use again!    
Bill N.21/12/2015

        Cleaners Camberwell's end of tenancy cleaning service was just what I needed for my move. Managing all the work was too much so I hired them to help. They gave me useful info and answers over the phone, as well as a free quote. Their staff came to my address pronto, and worked hard to clean my abode. They got rid of stains and made the place look pleasant. They saw to the work without me, so I could finish off my packing. The move was done on time and was a complete success, and the house looked better than ever for its new owners.    
Scott Drake27/05/2015

       After using Camberwell Cleaners's home cleaning services I've recommended them to all of my friends! This company uses professional equipment, has trained staff, there are lots of services available and their prices are cheap and affordable. I couldn't have asked for a better service - thanks so much!    
Janet L.29/01/2015

       I live in shared accommodation with five other people. As you can imagine this makes keeping clean shared living areas like the kitchen and bathroom rather challenging. SO I took the initiative of getting a quote from Camberwell Cleaners and after hearing their reasonable prices, my housemates and I decided to hire their services on a regular weekly basis. Now our kitchen and bathroom are both spotless and we've stopped arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes! This must be the best cleaning service in all of London!    
Gemma R.15/01/2015

       I was very happy with the recent upholstery clean service I hired. Camberwell Cleaners did a remarkable service in refreshing my sofa and chairs. I had had the furniture for a long time, and really needed new, but the budget would stretch to that so I decided to have it freshened up and cleaned by the specialists. I was amazed at the difference when the cleaners had finished, they were so clean and looked great. It really has improved the appearance and in fact put me off buying new for now.    
Larna Olson24/11/2014

       My house was brought up to a dazzling shine, thanks to Camberwell Cleaners. The experience has been absolutely wonderful, and was a far cry than what I was expecting. I have dealt with professionals in the past, and they've offered good service for high prices. This company undercuts all of them by a sizable amount, so I wasn't expecting the level of quality that I got! They cleaned up every corner of my home with a fantastic level of detail, and it just looks great. I'm finding it hard to find things about the service I didn't like, so I guess you can call this a shining recommendation!    
Alison F.29/08/2014

       I have had my cleaner for over three weeks now and I can safely say I think she's terrific. In turn, I'm very impressed by the company because I know myself, having my own business, how hard it can be finding the right employees. She is a credit to your company and I'd also like to give a mention to the people who answer the phone for things like customer care etc. They have always been so friendly and helpful and gone out of their way to make sure I get what I want. Other companies should be like Camberwell Cleaners and I can heartily recommend them.    
Wendy J.13/08/2014

       After an anniversary party I noticed that there were red wine stains on my upholstered furniture. I called a company I had heard good reviews of and asked for an emergency call out. My sofas were expensive and I wanted it sorted fast. I was impressed with how efficient Camberwell Cleaners were. They came out later that day and treated the stain immediately. The professionals explained the process and said it wasn't a big problem their special cleaning products would sort it, and they did. I was so relieved with the fantastic results the stains had disappeared, thank you so much.    
Jeanett Bellah24/07/2014

       Would like to thank everybody at Camberwell Cleaners for their help in cleaning my apartment over the past few years. I have also used them to assist my elderly father and found them to be fantastic company for him, whilst also keeping the place clean, tidy and fresh for him to enjoy. Your cleaners really went the extra mile on every visit and I cannot thank you enough. There really aren't enough companies willing to offer superb prices and trust their reputation to bring in business, but where I find a great service I feel compelled to recommend them to everybody! Good luck for the future.    
Edward F.30/06/2014

       I was in need of an end of tenancy clean as my tenant had left a fair amount of mess behind. I was due to rent the place out again within the week but didn't have much time to sort it myself. I called a company a friend had used before and asked for an urgent booking. Camberwell Cleaners were great, they came the next day armed with their cleaning tools and we went over what I had ordered with the office and they began work straight away. The company was great to deal with and did a fantastic job.    
Kerry Evans12/06/2014

       I wanted new furniture but I couldn't stretch to it financially. So I decided to go for an upholstery clean service that a local cleaning company was promoting. Camberwell Cleaners were professional and great to deal with. They sent out a staff member to give me a price and went over how the clean would be done. I arranged an appointment and the team arrived on time with their equipment. They verified what needed steam cleaning and I told them and they got on with it. The team did it in no time and my upholstery looked wonderful when they had done.    
Kerry Greenway26/05/2014

       Ensuring that your place is always presentable is easy! I just get Camberwell Cleaners round once a week, to give the house a once over, and voila, perfectly clean and tidy! The best thing about the cleaners is that they are so good at what they do, that the whole place is done in about three hours, which means that the price is not that much of an issue! I would be absolutely lost without them, and I am pretty sure that they can change other people's lives as well, so recommend them very highly!    
Jeannette Carson29/04/2014

       Cleaning is a real pain and I hated getting all of the dog hair out my carpets and rugs but thanks to some fantastic cleaners I have had this ordeal lifted effortlessly out of my life. The team are great and always on time, and they'll arrange one off or weekly cleans depending on what you need doing. I've come across some bad cleaning companies in the past and heard some poor reviews, but prior to calling Camberwell Cleaners I had heard some great things said about them and now I know exactly why. Superb value for money.    
James Miller08/04/2014

       If you're like me, then you will be faintly suspicious of how much difference a cleaning company can make when it comes to cleaning your home. I was adamant that I was staying on top of it and really managing to make a huge difference in my home. But then I tried out Camberwell Cleaners for two weeks, on the basis of a friend recommending them. And now I am happy to admit how wrong I was. At first I just thought that it was cosmetic cleaning, that I was being tricked somehow. But now I've come to realise just how big a difference they make.    

       I needed a reliable company for my office clean. I needed a routine service that could ensure the office was fresh for work each day. The staff at Camberwell Cleaners were able to provide this service for me. Their professional cleaners come each day. They are ready to clean and come supplied with the cleaning agents they need to provide the best clean. They remove rubbish from the waste bins and sanitize tables and counters. They really ensure that the office looks clean and tidy for my employees to come in each morning. They are a great company and I would recommend them to anybody looking for efficient and affordable office cleaning on a routine basis.    
Nathaniel E.18/02/2014

       Living in a house share with three other guys as I do, parties are inevitable. Often the floors take a battering because of this, and that is something a landlord is likely to pick up on. So every six months or so we have Camberwell Cleaners round to clean the carpets in the main living areas, and we have never had any comments on inspection having lived here for four years. Thanks guys, you make it look like the parties never happen! In all seriousness though, the service is so affordable split four ways that it just makes sense to get it done regularly.    
M. Duberry30/01/2014

       I can't express how much I love this cleaning company! Camberwell Cleaners is one of many companies that I've depended on in the past and I've never come across such a great service! The staff manage to work wonders with my home every week and I'm always just so thrilled with how they help me and my family. This is a great service that's really affordable and friendly, and if you're new to the world of professional cleaning then this is a wonderful place to start! I'll never use a different cleaning company again and it's all thanks to these professional cleaners!    

       I never really write reviews on things, but following my experiences with Camberwell Cleaners I felt like I absolutely had to! I've never hired any professional cleaners before and I wasn't sure about it at first, but I just don't have the time for housework in my busy schedule anymore. The staff I spoke to were really kind and informative, and the job they've done on my house just can't be faulted! This is a fantastic service that I can't urge enough people to try! I'll never go back to cleaning my home by myself when I can have it professionally cleaned in no time at all!    
Jamie Campbell17/12/2013

       Thought I would get online and give my thanks to Camberwell Cleaners. My flatmates and I are a messy bunch, and these guys help us out each and every time we need them. Their services are affordable and that expense is completely justifiable when you see what they do. As a house full of blokes cleanliness does tend to slide, but we make sure we keep it at a reasonable level by calling Camberwell Cleaners as often as is required. They are accommodating and always do a great job and each and every one of us appreciates their work.    
Jim Procter04/12/2013

       Having used various different cleaners in the past, I am pleased to have found one that suits my needs. I'm not sure exactly why I feel like Camberwell Cleaners are so good for my house cleaning, but it is probably something to do with how they are a company, rather than a stand alone individual. I have previously found that individual cleaners will feel it fine to cancel last minute, but a company will always find a replacement, which means I'm never left out in the lurch by a cleaner.    
A. Williams24/11/2013

       Having used cleaning companies before I did have reservations about hiring another, after some money went missing form my home whilst the last cleaner was there. I fired them, but could not really do much about it, as there was no proof. I need a cleaner again now however, so was looking for a company that would supply some sort of insurance against any similar issues. Camberwell Cleaners have been working for me for a couple of months now, and I am delighted to say that they are amazing and seem highly trustworthy!    
M. Hay14/11/2013

       Camberwell Cleaners have been giving us a really great service over the last year and a half and I just wanted to come along and add my opinion. We're an older couple and try as she might, my wife just can't seem to get things as clean as she used to. I know this was bothering her, so I arranged for Camberwell Cleaners to come around and lend a hand. After a few weeks, my wife had taken a complete back seat. She wasn't too pleased with letting other people handle it at first, but after she saw what a good job they did, she was delighted. Thank you very much.    
Alan Moran04/11/2013

       Camberwell Cleaners, you guys are the best. My parents hired them after we had the wedding reception at our own house. We were heading off on our honeymoon the next day and just left my mum with the keys. We got back from abroad to find the house in such a clean state. They'd mopped, swept, cleaned away any traces of the massive party from three weeks before. Honestly, the house was cleaner than when we first moved in. What a way to start our new lives together, a great start thanks to Camberwell Cleaners. Thanks again, you guys are the best!    
S. Shelton24/10/2013

       Every now and again, you come across a deal so good that you just want to shout it fro the rooftops. That's what I've got with Camberwell Cleaners, and I can't stop singing their praises. I thought about keeping them to myself, but I just couldn't do that to these guys. Cleaned, swept, mopped, polished, dusted, these guys just do it all. It's only when you realise how much time you spend keeping your home clean and tidy that you realise how much easier and more efficient it is to give these guys a call. I can now devote myself to everything I really love, and have a nice clean house to come home to!    
E. Simons14/10/2013