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Window Cleaning: Easy Tips For All Window Cleaning: Easy Tips For All 11 September 2014

Window washing can be a bit of a nightmare at times, you can spend hours cleaning them only to notice that they are full of smears when the sun shines on them. It can be frustrating but how can we avoid this from happening?Professional window cleaners seem to be able to clean windows faster and better than anyone else, much to our frustration, which is why many people will hire a window cleaner rather than attempt it at all but for those who would like to be able to clean their own windows but get a professional finish whilst doing so, then these useful tips are just what you are looking for.Tip 1, Throw out those pesky spray bottles and rags and get a squeegee instead, window cleaners swear by them and I can see why, they make window cleaning a doddle and the finished result is so much better.Tip 2, Always maintain the squeegee rubber blade, if it starts to show wear and tear, replace it. You cannot do a great job, if the squeegee is not fit for purpose.Tip 3, A lint free cloth is ideal for cleaning up left over moisture around the window frame, you can use any cloth but you may get bits of fibre from the cloth sticking to the window which is why a window cleaner will always use a lint free one.Tip 4, window washing solution is really inexpensive; you may be thinking that window cleaners use a special detergent to clean the windows, since they always look superb afterwards. The truth is most don’t use any window cleaning detergent at all because water and washing up liquid is just as good, if not better. It’s not the detergent that offers a great finish it’s the tools that are used to do the job, and any simple degreasing detergent is ideal for it.Tip 5, You may need a scraper to remove stubborn areas of dirt on the windows, do not scrape glass unless the window has been wet before hand as it could scratch it.A professional Approach! There is a technique that most professional window cleaners will use, and this technique offers the best results. •    Start by wetting the window•    Using a scraper gently remove and stubborn bits of dirt or debris•    Using a sponge, dip it into your window washing solution and wash the window•    Using a squeegee, start at the top and work horizontally across the window, wipe the blade in between each stroke to dry it.•    Wipe off excess moisture around the window frame, using a lint free cloth.•    Voila –done!Top tip, if the window is small, you may have to work vertically instead. This is not as ideal, but still effective than not using one at all. There is the option to buy a smaller squeegee for smaller windows.There are certain window styles that the squeegee method is not effective, windows which are leaded, French style or heavily embossed may be tricky to clean with using a squeegee and another cleaning method may need to be used. For windows that a squeegee cannot be used on, try washing the glass as normally would and use a lint free cloth to buff them up afterwards, you may need an extra supply of lint free cloths for this as they do get rather wet during the process and a wet lint free cloth is not as effective as dry ones. Try not worry about drying windows, air drying is usually better so allow certain areas to dry naturally, just ensure that wipe away drips because drips can cause left over residue stains.

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