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Tricks For Tidying The Home Tricks For Tidying The Home 02 June 2014

Keeping your home tidy is one of life’s great issues - how does anyone do it!? With tidying the home, it is essential that you know exactly where everything is going, but that can be just as difficult in the first place, and whilst it should not be, it can be a huge amount of work trying to de-clutter enough that you have a place for everything. Everyone has items in the house that they could get rid of, or that they have not used in a long time, and it is these things that cause the problem, taking up space whilst there are other bits and pieces lying about. Sure, a shelf covered in trinkets, photographs and books will look great, but a garage full of old toys and other rubbish that you have not used in a year or so is not exactly helping your situation. You want to be defined by how good your house looks, rather than how chaotic your life seems, so have a look through the following ideas as to how you can transform all of this.For a start, get rid of everything that you do not need, and be honest with yourself about these things. You will find that there are many ways to get rid of things in a positive way, and one of the best is to sell them, on the web, or at a car boot sale. You should be sure to price the junk that you have rarely used quite low, to make sure that you get rid of it all, as this is the best way to shift large quantities, rather than worrying about getting high prices for things. If you do have anything of particular worth, look up the prices that it auctions for online, and work out whether you think the hassle of listing it properly is worth the price. You won’t find many specialist collectors at car boot sales, and you won’t get the prices that you want for things of particular value, so either price low or sell elsewhere. Everything that you can’t sell, but is useable, you can give to charity, to put a kindly spin on the tidying!Once you have rid yourself of at least some clutter, you should find set places for everything. Set out designated holes in the shoe racks for everyone’s shoes, and the same with coat pegs, so that each member of the family has a place to put everything that is set, rather than random. You will find that this encourages people in the house to put things in places that makes the house naturally tidy, rather than having to go around tidying up after them! Have a box for toys, and ensure that all of your clothes fit in your wardrobes and drawers when you have everything out of the wash. Sometimes you will find that whilst there is usually room in the storage space for your clothes when you have a few bits and pieces out, it is actually too tight when it is all there! If you are the sort that tends to chuck your clothes over a chair when dressing or undressing, then perhaps have a routine of putting them away afterwards, rather than allowing the pile to build up, and having to deal with it all in one go. This is the same for the whole house; you can use it in a tidy way, rather than leaving things out to get sorted later. It is as much down to how you live as it is how you tidy.

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