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Top Tips For End Of Tenancy Cleaning Top Tips For End Of Tenancy Cleaning 13 March 2014

The last thing we want to be thinking about when moving out, is having to clean the old property before we go however if we are renting from a private landlord it may a be a necessity, especially if you want to see a return on your initial deposit.
Thankfully, this does not have to be as difficult as it may seem and there are things that you can do that require little or no effort at all, such as hiring in the help of professional cleaners instead. This will not cost a fortune and it could even save you time and money especially if time is of the essence and the requirements are fairly extensive.

Areas of the home that need to be addressed and cleaned to a relatively good standard are as follows;

(Please bear in mind that all cases are different and some homes may need more attention than others, if you think that these jobs are perfectly manageable to do yourself, by all means grab the rubber gloves and get stuck in.)

1)    Kitchens!

The kitchen is generally the biggest job to do, so we will start with this area.

Begin by clearing out all of the cupboards and wiping them down, next clean the tiles of any residue and grease marks and pay close attention to the area round the cooker which tends to get the most grubby. Do not forget to inspect the tops of cupboards and doorframes as these tend to accumulate grease overtime too.

Next, clean the appliances (if these are included within the rent and owned by the landlord) Ovens will need to be cleaned out and hobs will have to addressed. This is can be a difficult job if it has not been attended to for a long time and you may need to consider cleaning contactors if you do feel it is unmanageable.

A freezer may need defrosting and fridges and microwaves should be cleaned both inside and out.

Once all areas of the kitchen are thoroughly cleaned, finish off by cleaning the floor.

Tip: Steam cleaners are great for cleaning tiles and flooring and could save you a little energy too.

2)    Bathrooms!

The second likely to be the grubbiest room of the house tends to be the bathroom mainly because of dead skin cells, clogged plugged holes, make-up marks, residue, damp and mould etc, which tends to gather overtime.

With daily usage its inevitable that you can ever avoid this from happening in a bathroom but what is great about this room is that the surface area to be cleaned its relatively a lot smaller than a kitchen, most bathrooms do have wipe able easy to clean surfaces and you can use cleaning products in bathrooms that allow you to spray on and leave, simply rinsing away again, afterwards.

If you do have steam cleaner, again these are very useful for bathroom cleaning as they work wonders on ceramics and tiles.

3)    Carpets and upholstery

Tackling both carpets and sofas is either going to be easy or extremely difficult! A few minor marks can be addressed with a simple upholstery foam spray cleaning product whereas larger areas or stains which have been imminent for quite some time may need more effort.

Take a look at the situation and decide if you can clean up any noticeable marks with ease or if it is worth hiring in the help of professional carpet and upholstery cleaners instead.

4)    Windows and doors

This is not a difficult job to do however in some circumstances it could be dangerous, If your windows and doors are manageable and within reach you can clean them yourself, if not you may have to hire a cheap but rather effective window cleaner to do it for you.

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