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Six Uses For Vinegar In Home Cleaning Six Uses For Vinegar In Home Cleaning 01 May 2014

Vinegar is a great cleaning product, and one that may well be there to hand when you have run out of other cleaning materials. Running out of the cleaning products that you need is a sure fire way to prevent yourself from doing the cleaning, and procrastination in the form of convincing yourself that you will get the cleaning job done once you have been to the shops is a great way to end up doing hardly any cleaning whatsoever! The fact of the matter is that while you have white vinegar in the house, you will be fine, and it is pretty important that you keep a decent amount of it on you at all times, to ensure that you are not at risk of getting stuck in these situations.1.    Try simply using vinegar as a household cleaning product! It may sound strange now, but using the grease busting properties of vinegar can mean that simply using it neat, or with water gives it a great power to clean all surfaces. You may want to rinse the surfaces down afterwards however, as the smell can be quite strong, and will certainly linger in the air! 2.     Try adding a little baking soda to your mix and make up a paste-like cream cleaner, that will give you excellent cleaning power around the house. You will find that the baking soda fizzes on contact with the acid in the vinegar, and the two together will ensure that you are able to get things looking sparklingly clean! In many ways, this combination will do all of the jobs that many of your other household cleaners would do themselves, so it is worth working out which technique suits you best, both in terms of cost and efficiency. 3.    Pour a fair glug of vinegar into the washing up bowl when you are soaking the plates. This will give the water an extra boost of degreasing power, and mean that your washing up is a lot easier when you come to it, simply a case of wiping down plates rather than scrubbing through the grime and dirt! You can also add a glug of vinegar to the dishwasher, to ensure that it self cleans every rotation. 4.    Vinegar acts as a great deodorizer, which makes it perfect for rooms that have a strange smell. If you have pets, or you smoke and want to reduce how much of an impact their scents make on your living room, then leaving a bowl of vinegar out overnight will pull the nasty smells from the room, trapping them in the liquid. Be sure not to leave any vinegar where your pets can get at it though, as it may not be safe for them to drink, and you don’t want them to go spilling it all over the floor where you had left it! 5.    This deodorizing property of vinegar is also good for clothing that has got a bit of a smell about it. If you want to remove smells form clothing, then hang them in the bathroom with a bowl of boiling water and vinegar in the same room, with the door closed. Leave them there over night and the evaporations will ensure that you end up with the smell gone. You should leave time to air the clothes out outside however, as the smell of vinegar may well be present in place of the previous smells for a couple of hours, and you don’t want to be smelling like a chip shop!

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