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Making your Kitchen Sparkle: Five Top Tips Making your Kitchen Sparkle: Five Top Tips 30 November 2013

Nothing makes a visitor to your home more envious than a clean, organised kitchen, and nothing makes you as the owner of said kitchen more proud than gazing over shiny work surfaces and pristine crockery.  But with the average home kitchen in constant use for a variety of reasons from washing to cooking, is can seem impossible to maintain that sparkle without investing an unhealthy amount of your life into keeping it that way. But it really doesn’t have to, and as the old saying goes it really is easy when you know how. It may seem a whole lot easier when you read five of our top five kitchen cleaning tips:

1.    White wine vinegar for wood, baking soda for tiles
Honestly. It will make your floors sparkle, and after all that is what we are after. If you have wooden flooring in your kitchen, try mixing up a 1:9 ratio of white wine vinegar and warm water to mop with, and we think you will be impressed with the results. It may sound like an old wife’s tale, and it may well be, but it certainly works, and white wine vinegar is a fantastic cleaning product generally, not just on your wooden floors. Baking soda will also have fantastic results on your tiled flooring, as it is a mild abrasive that will clean without scratching their surface. Around 60ml of baking soda per four litres of warm water is all you need to give your tiles a really good polish.

2.    Clean as you cook
This may sound silly, but it is amazing what can be done while you are waiting for those potatoes to boil or that rice to steam. Cleaning up the immediate mess from your cookery not only saves time later but stops any potential stains (think beetroot) from taking hold by getting rid of them immediately. You may even have time to tackle a few of those weekly tasks, such as disinfecting the bin or giving the fridge a wipe down.

3.    Only put cheap glasses in the dishwasher
If you are entertaining, then sparkling glassware will dazzle your guests. Dishwashers can be very harsh on expensive items, so avoid putting your best wine glasses or tumblers in there. The same goes for your crockery – if they do become cloudy try soaking in warm vinegar or scrubbing with toothpaste.

4.    Don’t ignore the sink
No matter how wonderful the rest of your kitchen looks, many are let down by plug-holes that have been left uncared for and taps that haven’t dealt well with the test of time. Scour your plugholes regularly with a non-abrasive and use drain cleaner sparingly to rid the pipes of any trapped smells. Always clear your draining board and wipe the whole thing dry – this prevents any mineral build-up that can take the shine off your sink. Polish taps with a lint-free cloth or paper towel to ensure there are free from watermarks and retain an eye-catching shine.

5.    The microwave need only take seconds
Microwaves can be awkward and difficult to clean. We only tend to do it every-so-often and by this point food stains tend to be difficult to remove. But if you place a handful of wet paper towels in the microwave and put it on high power for around four minutes, the steam released will really loosen the stuck grime, and if you allow them to cool you can then wipe the whole inside clean.

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