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How to Save Money On Sofa Cleaning How to Save Money On Sofa Cleaning 08 July 2015

Though it is easy to call on professional sofa cleaners to deep clean your dirty sofa it can easily be prevented and done a lot cheaper. With some care and prevention you can keep a sofa looking good and smelling fresh. The main point to having a lovely clean sofa is to care for it like other parts of your home. When you buy a sofa regardless of cost it is worth getting to know what type of fabric it is made from. The cheaper it is the worst quality, but nevertheless it doesn’t have to go to rack and ruin by leaving it neglected. The better you care for your sofa the longer it will last you. Here we give you some ideas to keep your sofa in good shape and save you money from hiring cleaning contractors.

Regular cleaning should begin with vacuuming
First is to make sure you regularly vacuum the sofa, and get down into the corners and underneath as this is where the dirt can be left to thrive into nasty looking bits. Use the attachments on your vacuum to get into the tight areas and remove any dust, food crumbs etc.

Have a cleaning kit on hand
Yes, like with other areas of your home clean work, make sure you have some decent sofa cleaning products to suit your specific material and then if you accidentally spill food or drink you can sort it immediately. The shop shelves are packed with various solutions and they usually come with instructions make sure you follow them. If uncertain about the fabric do a test in an area that is hidden behind or underneath. If you have suede or leather it may be worth contacting the company you bought it from and asking for tips on cleaning. They may also supply a special cleaning system that will be safe and not damage the material with discolouring or fading.

Other tools for the job
Another good tool to use for sofa cleaning is a steam cleaner. They are not too expensive and can make it easy to clean sofas. They are a brilliant tool and are great for all of your upholstery cleaning needs. They are environmentally friendly and work simply by cleaning with steam. They are also good for people who have allergies as they reduce the germs and bacteria that can build up in these areas of your home. Steam is the secret and it really does a deep clean on your sofa and in fact most areas of your home that needs cleaning. Another good tool is the washing machine for removable cushion covers. Just make sure that they are approved on the labels.

Whether you have leather, suede or upholstered sofas they are easily sorted without calling in the experts. Leather can be easy to wipe away stains, dirt and spilt drinks. Using general soapy water and clean clothe will bring most leather suites up to looking spotless. Suede will need to have special cleaning solutions. It is a good idea that you buy a detergent to suit your material. You need to make sure you have something that will remove a stain or mark straight away, and use it according to the guidelines. Simply wiping a mark instantly can often be enough. It can be harder if you have spilt liquid, but if you blot it with dry clean cloth first to remove as much of the moisture as is possible then use the cleaning detergent according to the instructions you should be able to tackle it.

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