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Handy Tips for Upholstery Cleaning Handy Tips for Upholstery Cleaning 24 October 2014

Want to feel like you’re sitting on a throne all year round? Keeping your upholstery well cleaned and maintain can really add a royal touch to your home. Firstly, the placement of your upholstered furniture in your home can make keeping it clean and tidy easy. For upholstered sodas and chairs, try to place them away from direct sun light so as to reduce fading and sun damage to the fabric.Consider preventative techniques to put in place to care for your upholstered furniture. These don't have to be drastic measures, rather basic tasks that can be worked into your household cleaning schedule. Each week, vacuum upholstered seat cushions or use a brush to remove dust particles. Doing this regularly will prevent a build-up of dust molecules which can damage the fabric fibres over time. Also, keep a stash of paper towels or cloths under the seating of upholstered furniture to attend to stains quickly if they occur.When caring for upholstered furniture during general household cleaning or attending to spills and stains, always read the manufacturers label and follow the care instructions for each specific upholstered item.However, in general terms there are certain things that can be done to maintain upholstered furniture and protect the quality of the item.-    Deep clean upholstered furniture at least once a year. Schedule this in as part of your household cleaning routine.-    Avoid soaking the fabric or external furniture structure with upholstery cleaners.-    Spray silicon soil retardants are available to prevent dirt and stains from setting if frequent soiling is an issue.-    Avoid attracting dirt by removing all soap residues after cleaning upholstery.-    If spills do inevitably occur, ensure that you blot the stain immediately. Do not rub the sprain as this will spread it across the fabric.-    If pets are using the upholstered furniture, clean their excess fur with a clothes brush, lint remove, or tape.In terms of what upholstered furniture is best to choose, there are many different fabrics available and each have different cleaning and care instructions. It is dependent on your circumstances as to what works best for you, but some options of fabric types include:-    Cotton – generally fine to wash with soap and water-    Cotton blends – should have a stain resistant finish applied-    Canvas – durable, requires pre-washing-    Linen – requires professional cleaning if soiled, avoid placing in sunlit areas-    Microfibers – can easily be cleaned with soap and water-    Wools and wool blends – can be spot cleaned when necessary but manufacturer care instructions should be consulted-    Silk – very delicate and requires professional cleaning when stained or spills occur-    Leather – can be gently vacuumed and wiped using a damp cloth, apply saddle soap or leather condition prior to cleaning of any type-    Suede – can be vacuumed but never cleaned with waterStain removal can be easily rectified on upholstered furniture. The best form of defence is timeliness in this matter – act quickly to avoid the stain becoming deep set in the fabric fibres. Most stains can be removed easily using a spray cleaner and paper towel or damp clean cloth. Use the blotting method and dap repeatedly at the affected stain area, ensuring you do not spread the stain by applying too much pressure. For sofa cleaning in particular, if the stain is deep set and cannot be lifted, consider getting the upholstered furniture professionally cleaned.

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