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Getting Your Floors Looking Sparklingly Clean Getting Your Floors Looking Sparklingly Clean 23 January 2014

When it comes to ensuring that your home looks its best at all times, one of the most essential things to get done is cleaning the floors. Houses have a variety of flooring, from concrete to carpet, tiles to hard wood, and they will often need different treatments to ensure that they are cleaned effectively and safely. The more expensive a flooring material, the more exotic it likely is, and therefore the more care you will need to take with it. The fact is, these things are very costly, and take a lot of effort to replace, so a mistake with cleaning product of technique could be very expensive for you. For that reason, always consult a professional domestic cleaning service if you have doubts about how to go about things.

For a start, carpets need to be hoovered regularly. You will find that the pile in carpets will attract a lot of dust, making them both look unsightly, as well as being extremely unhealthy. Any stains that may get on to a carpet need to be dealt with immediately, as they can be extremely difficult to get out once they have dried in there. You will no doubt find that the best way is to use a carpet specific stain removal kit, and if you cannot shift it using such conventional methods, you may need to call in a professional. Steam and dry cleaning can be used by a carpet cleaning service to get rid of the worst stains, which will ensure that you know that the carpet is being treated correctly, as well as being cleaned perfectly. When it comes to general all over cleaning, a cleaning service should be able to do carpet shampooing, as well as steam and dry cleaning. These latter two can be pricey, but you will get a much better and long lasting clean from them than if you were to use home shampoo.

With hard wood floors, you should also hoover regularly, as the presence of dust and dirt will be extremely obvious on them. When there is no softness underfoot, the mess that can fall on the floors from various parts of the house will be all the more obvious. Once you have vacuumed, mopping is the most common cleaning method for wooden floors. Look into wood floor cleaner, and do a little research. Knowing what your floor is made from and ensuring that it is cleaned with the right product is essential, as wood can react extremely badly to the wrong substances or techniques. Wood will also be extremely expensive to repair or replace, so be careful!

Other hard floor like lino, polished concrete and tiling should be cleaned in a similar way, but they may also be fine to steam clean or machine buff. These processes will require a professionals help again, but they are extremely effective, and well worth looking in to. Lino can be transformed by a steam cleaning, as it strips the layer of dirt form the top, lightening the color, and transforming the room’s feel and presence.

Mopping needs only a bucket, hot water, floor cleaner and a mop. You should ensure that you mop from the far corner towards the door, or else you may end up cleaning yourself in to a corner and not being able to get out without dirtying the bits that you have just cleaned! Ensure that your floor cleaner is right for your floor, as otherwise you could damage it.

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