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Five Uses For Baking Soda In Cleaning Five Uses For Baking Soda In Cleaning 21 July 2014

When it comes to finding alternative cleaning products, you may well be surprised at the array of different things that can be used. When you are perhaps attempting to move away from the mare dangerous chemicals used in cleaning products, you will find that the more naturally occurring chemicals in your household ma hold the key to cleaning success. Lemon, vinegar, olive oil, toothpaste and all sorts of other things can be of use in the domestic cleaning arena, but the humble baking soda sachet will be the focus in this guide. Have a look over the following ideas, to see if you could utilize them in your home...1.    Deodorizer.Baking soda is a great neutralizer of smells, as it is very absorbent, and will not give off any smell of its own. If you have arrived at a new flat and the fridge has been off for a while, things can get a bit smelly in there. As you start it up, sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda in to the fridge, dusting the shelves and inside of the door with it. The smell should go after a couple of days.2.    Stain spotter.Mixing up a little baking soda in to a thick paste with a small amount of water will give you a manageable stain remover. You will find that applying the paste gently to a stained area of clothing, carpet or upholstery will aid you in lifting the stain out before it can settle properly. This is due to its carbonated action when mixed with liquids. Whilst baking soda is very gentle, t should be administered with care to a place that is not so visible to ensure that you are not going to have any issues with the fabric that you are applying it to.3.    Cream Cleaner.You will perhaps find that you can make up a bathroom cream cleaner using things in your pantry! Lemon and white vinegar are excellent acids for cleaning, but when mixed with the carbonated power of baking soda, you can make a really effecting cleaning product for the grime and lime scale in your bathroom! It is well worth having a look in to if you are keen to get rid of the dangerous and expensive cleaning products that bathroom cleaning may require. 4.    Plug unblocked.When you get a blocked plug or small drain, you should try the following combination. Pour a couple of table spoons of baking soda in to the drain, followed by a few glugs of white vinegar. Follow both of these with a fair splash of boiling water from the kettle. You will find that the combination of the baking soda reacting with the water and acid will form a pretty effecting unblocked. Be aware that the reaction between the elements may be quite a vigorous one, and you may get splashed if you are not careful!5.    Carpet cleaner.If you are looking to get your carpets looking a bit cleaner in a hurry, then try sprinkling baking soda over them, and leaving it for a couple of hours. Then, brush the baking soda through the carpet with a clean floor brush, before vacuuming it all out. The baking soda will pull a lot of the dirt form the fibers, and will also take a lot of the smell form the carpet. The brushing will remove the dirt form the pile, and allow the baking soda to penetrate the pile as well.

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