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Different Cleaning Tips for your Home Different Cleaning Tips for your Home 14 October 2013

When it comes to the home, most people know what they are doing with the cleaning, well, at least they think they do. The norms of cleaning the house are quite well established, and not many people think outside of the box when it comes to such mundane tasks. The reality of the situation is that often times, there are better ways of doing things; whether it is a better, faster or cheaper way it does not mater, but it is well worth having a think about to ensure that you are doing things one way for a reason, rather than just because that is how you have always done things. Taking a step back from the norms of your cleaning schedule can really help you to see the woods for the trees as far as how you go about things goes, but sometimes people need some hints and tips as to how to do things in a different way before they are likely to change anything up, so have a look through these different ways of doing things.

First off, cleaning products. There are many ways in which the cleaning products that are so commonly used are exactly the opposite of what you want to be spreading around your house. The amount of potentially dangerous chemicals in them can be seen in the words like ‘harmful’ on the reverse of the bottle. In fact, there are instances where the cleaning products that you are using are more dangerous than the dirt that you are cleaning up! Think about alternative methods that you could use instead, like lemon, vinegar, baking soda, salt, soap and water. These are simple things that were used since a long time before we used more chemical heavy compounds. These cleaning methods are just as effective as those you buy in a bottle, but can be less harmful to your family and the planet, as well as your wallet!

Steam is a great contender for the cleaning title, as it only uses water. You can get steam cleaners in varying sizes for throughout your home, and once you have bought the machine there are little to no further costs for running it, as the cleaner uses just water in its process. The water is heated up until it becomes steam and is jetted out at the touch of a button. The high heat and power of the steam through pressure causes the adhesive bonds in the dirt to dissolve, making the surface cleanable with a wipe of a cloth. No harmful chemicals, and all bacteria killed instantly - steam can be a great way to change your impact on the environment, but the initial outlay can be quite large, especially if you want to use steam throughout the house. Smaller work surface cleaners will not be big enough to sort out floors, whilst larger cleaners will not be that easily handled for smaller jobs. If you can do the maths however, there is a lot to be said for the future savings that you will make in not having to buy cleaning products.

Cleaning is not one of the fields in which many feel we need a revolution, but you can make changes that save you many and up your effectiveness very easily. It just takes a change of perspective, so have a little think about what you could be doing better and you may start to find that cleaning is less of a pain.